Of deal breakers, twilight and Ashley.

Why is it that any decent thoughts only enter my head in the early hours of the mornings? Can someone please explain to me this with a simple trivia fact?


I was sitting here at work, trying not to pass out on a sheepskin with a pair of uggs as a pillow, and just happened to think about friendships. More specifically was I thinking about those awkward moments when your newly acquainted boyfriend or girlfriend, or a cockatoo, or a goat, or whatever it is that floats your boat doesn’t like your friends. Also I was thinking about the difficult periods in life when your friends are becoming annoying as hell, and their dumbness frustrates you, and just looking at them makes you grind your teeth to sand.

See, here’s what I realised - once you hit a certain level of maturity ( I’m not saying age here because, God knows, some people stay a ding-dong until way into their 50s) making friendships becomes a terrible terrible torture.

Oh how I dread the small talk and mutual artificial niceness that surrounds those first uncomfortable conversations, during which you are desperately trying to find common interests and not to judge the fact the person you are talking to you ACTUALLY likes twilight movies.

So yea. After a couple of traumatic experiences you come to realise that those few weirdo friends you have - are really the only ones that you have. FOREVER. Unless, you know. They run your mum over with a car. Talk about those deal breakers ha?

And then you become forgiving. It’s no longer “Ashley kissed a boy I like”. It becomes more of a “Ashley is a slut and loves drama too much, but she is always loyal and can handle her liquor”.

So the moral of this 9am mess is - I need a coffee. Jesus what a memorandum. Ok. Back to uggs now.

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Grand Teton National Park by Jeff Clow

About weightloss

It’s really very simple.

If you want to gain weight you need to consume more then you use. If you want to loose weight you consume less then you use.

This is true of calories, as much as it’s true of knowledge.

If you are open to new information you shall live long and prosper.

If all you ever get by with is the set of skills you’ve learned in primary school then BITCH PLEASE sit quietly in your corner and don’t try to act smart. You’re a size 6. You look RIDICULOUS in 16.



that feeling of when you’re in a group of friends
but you’re not really in that group of friends

My entire life.

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

Spills and boils

In my mind it goes like this - you are born and have no motor skills. As you grow up you tend to develop them so by the time you are like, let’s say 23, you can be smooth and gracious like a Lady.

Not the case here. Never been and doubt it will ever be. It’s like my brain has this programmed sequence of actions.
1. Open a bottle of water.
2. Spill it past your mouth over your face.
Or like this:
1. Dip the sashimi in soy sauce
2. Drop it on yourself.

I swear if takeaway coffee cups didn’t have lids I’d be covered in boils.

More Questions

Out of all the human behaviour traits I find the ability to be selfless the viral one. If you can sacrifice your pride to make another happy, will it make you happy too?
Can an act of pure selflessness bring joy to the one making it or will they always feel the suppression?
And isn’t suppression the cause of violation?


If I’m in a good mood you’re in a bad mood. If I’m in a bad mood you’re in a good mood. Do we make each other miserable or do we make each other happy? Question: how to find a golden centre when it technically doesn’t exist?


  • Farrah: do you have industrial relations notes? I doing a deferred test next week.
  • Me: no, I don't. I buried mine after exam as a symbolic funeral for everything I've learned throughout the course.